Earn Money By Becoming an eStore.lk Affiliate

How it works...

Join to eStore.lk as a Affiliate

Advertise Our Products Using URL

Customers Buy Products from Your URL

We Deliver Products To Customer

You Receive Payment From eStore.lk

Earn up to Rs. 1000 per sale affiliate fee by referring people to eStore.lk

How it Works...

  • Sign up as an affiliate by clicking on 'Join' button.
  • Choose any product/page URL from our website and add the following tracking parameters to it: ?aff_id= < Your_Affiliate_ID > .
  • Use this link to advertise and refer traffic to eStore.lk. If a user visits through this link and makes a purchase on our website, you will be credited with the referral fee.
  • The orders would be approved after 30 days of the transaction recorded.
  • Cancelled/Returned orders would not be eligible for the referral fee.
  • Cookie duration in our affiliate program would be 24 hours


What is eStore.lk Affiliate Program?
eStore.lk affiliate program is a referral program where you can earn referral fee by advertising our links and referring your fellow users to our site, eStore.lk. You can earn up to 1000/- every time a user clicks on the banner/link and makes a purchase on our site.
How it Works?
Register yourself with our affiliate program and refer traffic to our website through your affiliate links. If these users make a purchase thereon, you will be credited with the referral fee.
Do I have to pay to be an affiliate in eStore.lk Affiliate Program?
There is no subscription fee involved in joining our affiliate program or other activities in it.
What are the tracking parameters?
These are the parameters which need to be added to our product/page URL in order to track the transactions made through your links. If a user purchases a product through your affiliate link with tracking parameters, the transaction can be traced back to your account thus making you eligible for your referral fee. The tracking parameter looks like ?aff_id=<Your_Affiliate_ID>
Where do I find my Affiliate Account ID?
You can find your affiliate account ID after Login to your affiliate account.
How to create affiliate links?
You can create affiliate links for any page from our website. Choose any product/page URL and add tracking parameters to this URL. Use this link to advertise and refer traffic to eStore.lk.
For example, if the URL that you want to promote is http://estore.lk/c/2/mobile-phones and affiliate_id is xxxx respectively, then your affiliate link for this URL would be 'http://estore.lk/c/2/mobile-phones?aff_id=xxxx'
NOTE: - Since these links are of a commercial nature, we recommend that you mark them as 'nofollow'.
How do I build a link to a specific item on eStore.lk?
Search for any product across any category Select choice of button from the options listed Highlight the code in the text box, and copy Paste the code in your website
Where do I track my referrals?
You can track the conversions through your links from your affiliate account. Whenever a conversion is made through your referral link, it gets immediately reflected in your affiliate panel. You can get the overview of these conversions on the Dashboard, while their details in the Reports section. For a conversion to be successful, the transaction should be done within 24 hours of the cookie insertion.
What are the different types of reports available for an affiliate?
Earnings Reports : Displays the earnings accumulated by Affiliate
Payments Reports : Displays the payments made out to the Affiliate
Orders Reports : Displays the products sold by the Affiliate
When do I get my money?
As per our payments terms, any purchase through your affiliate link will be validated at the middle of the next month to that of the transaction recorded. The whole commission amount is then wired out after further 15 days.
Ex. The orders in the month of January will be validated in February 14th and the final payments are processed at the end of February .
What are the modes of payments available?
Direct Bank Deposits is the only mode of payment available on eStore.lk Affiliate Program.
What are the Billing Details?
You need to fill out your billing details in order to receive the payments. Please find below the description for the billing fields:
Beneficiary Name: Name of the Bank Account Holder.
Account Number: Bank Account number to which payment will be wired.
Bank Name: Name of the Bank of the provided account number.
Is there any minimum threshold for the payments?
There is no minimum amount for the commission to be paid. Your whole commission amount is wired into your account during the final payments.